Sell A Structured Settlement

How To Sell A Structured Settlement

What is the process of selling a structured settlement? Do you need judicial approval? If you have doubt on your annuity selling, go through the followings to understand the process and requirements.

Process of Selling An Annuity Payment

The process is simple and straightforward. However, before taking the final decision, you should be sure that you want your money now. First, decide and then you can ask for a free quote. You will get a free quote within a couple of minutes. The best thing is that the money will be in your hand within ninety days. For these, you will have to go through the following six steps.

Contact a reliable company and ask for a free quote. You can come to us for a free quote. Get our quote and compare it with our competitors, and then choose the most suitable one. You can get cash to meet your expenses when the sale is waiting for the court’s approval. A judge will review your case and give approval. Get a copy of the approval and send it to the insurance company and receive the full payment.

When Should You Consider Selling Structured Settlement Payments?


You are on this page means you want to sell a part of your structured settlement. You are looking for more information, right? Before taking any decision, go through the contract condition. If you find it confusing, it is better to take the help of an attorney. Understand the details of the document and then ask yourself a few questions.

• Do you really need cash?

• Is the reason valid?

• Do you want to spend on a “need” or “want”?

• Will you risk your financial security by selling your structured payment?

• What is the best type of selling, partial, split, full, or reverse?

Try to get answers to these questions before planning the next step. Your answer will decide your future plan. Once again, if you are still unsure about the urgent needs, then do not proceed. You should know the purpose to choose the best type of selling.

Get A Fee & No-Obligation Quote

Once you have the answer, you can shop around to get the best quote. Research on a trustworthy seller and also contact with lawyers and accountants to know the procedure. Both these can help you to find the best deal. Find a reputed and reliable buyer with a proven track record. We can also help you to find the best deal. We will tell you the real worth of your annuity and structured payment. In addition, we can recommend some leading names of the industry that also includes our partners.

We can offer a competitive, free, and easy quote within minutes! You can simply turn your payments into cash for your needs right now. You can request for a free quote now to have an estimation of your annuity.

The processes will be regulated by many state and federal laws to protect your rights all through. For example, companies are required to give all the sale details in writing regarding the sale that includes the followings.

• The amount of money you are going to receive

• How it will affect the value of your structured settlement

• The period of your settlement rights

However, you are not going to receive the full amount if you sell it.

Get Written Proof of Everything

Make sure that you have writing proof of your transaction records. You will need some documents to verify the settlement payment. The document will also include the settlement contract between you and your insurance company. Also, your buyers need to understand the condition of your selling. In addition, it is important for you to understand that you are selling your annuity at a reduced price. With a lower discounted rate, you can get more benefits. But when the discounted rate will be higher, the buyer will get more benefits. You can negotiate the discounted rate. However, many companies will not be prepared for a negotiation.

The standard discounted rate is around 12%. It might be vary depending on your state law. For your benefit, it is suggested to take the help of professionals or attorneys before signing an agreement. Once both of you agree on a price, the buyer will come up with necessary transfer documents that you need to sign and then these documents will be notarized.

Get Cash during the Judicial Process

Once documents are signed, your attorney or factoring company’s attorney will file these documents with the court for review and approval. It might take up to 60 days to get approval depending on your state’s procedure. During this waiting period, your factoring company might help you to get up-front cash in advance.

Some elements of the selling process might be impacted depending on your living location. States have different laws on the annuity. For example, some states do not offer immediate access to cash when the process is still going on. When some states might ask you to get a professional assessment of your annuity by a third party, others will offer a cooling period to give your time to change your decision. So, you need to research your state laws to educate more about the process and requirements.

Court Procedure

Once you get a hearing date for your annuity sale approval, you will have to appear in front of the judge with your attorney. So, be prepared to answer the questions regarding the need for money. At the same time, you need to prove that your decision is not going to put your family in financial trouble. The judge will take these things into account and some other factors including the reliability of the buyer, discounted rate, previous annuity transactions, and your employment status before giving the approval. If you get the approval, the receiving company will get a transfer order as the sign of acknowledgment. You will get a lump-sum payment at the end.

Amendment Sales

What will happen if you face financial difficulties after selling your structured payment? You will have the right to sale your rest annuity when a partial portion of your annuity is sold. You can follow the same process for amendment sales.

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